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(Inspired by the Oh My Goddess movie)

I fear for us,
Never have I felt like this
It feels like dying
I did not know such pain exists

Our love will we put to test
To us both we give willing trust
Knowing that if we should ever fail
All we hold dear will become dust

I don’t want to lose you
Life is meaningless without you
Do I dare to trust in what we have
To test if what we have is true

I believe in us both
With you beside me I can not fail
Whatever tests that heaven gives you
Together I know we can prevail

This is it then
The toughest challenge we have to face
Tougher than separation
More grueling than the meanest race

For you I’ll risk everything
I’ll face adversity and strife
For, you are the goddess of my soul
The reason for my life


(Dedicated to Trixie, my Goddess, my muse, my being)

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