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A Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon story
by Jiro Maeda

Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and all the characters, monsters, techniques and circumstances involved in it, belong to the indomitable Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC.

(Mamoru Chiba)

I awake in my bed, sweat clinging to my body and soaking the sheets.† I had that nightmare again, the one that never fails to bring me awake.† It was set during the time when Beryl had control of me.† In that dream, Usako and the rest of the Senshi were beat and taken captive.† Beryl was sitting on her throne, a smug expression on her face as she stared at the broken bodies of the other Senshi. I was there by her side, acting every bit like the submissive lapdog that I was.† She beckoned to me with her finger, and I came closer and bent down, allowing her to whisper something in my ear.† I straightened and came down the dais, each step I took bringing me closer to her… Sailor Moon, chained like some wild animal put on display.† My body kept going forward of its own volition; following Berylís instructions while deep within I was screaming, begging myself to stop, as if I were an unwilling passenger and witness.† I stopped close by Usagi, and she looked up. Her eyes showed not betrayal, anger, or hate, but pure love.† My hands gripped her throat and she struggled to breathe. Finally, she stilled and the light in her eyes faded, but the expression within those blue orbs were the same… love…

This was when I always woke up, in the years and days before, and I had always looked out the window in silent reflection.

Now, though, I look at the person sharing my bed. My princess, my love, and now— my wife. I savor that last word… wife; mine, not anyone elseís.† I look at her and see her peaceful expression, I stroke her hair and she moans my name sleepily.† I always considered myself lucky that I have Usagi, but never did I realize how lucky I am till now.† I tuck the blanket around her and kiss her cheek as she burrows into the bed further.

I get up and walk toward the balcony. I donít think I can muster enough will to sleep anymore tonight, so Iíll do a little thinking.

(Usagi Chiba)

I snuggle further into the bed and into Mamo-chanís back… except that comforting piece of flesh isnít around, and neither is the husband itís connected to.† I blearily open one eye to survey the surroundings, trying to recall where ďthisĒ is. I recall suddenly that this is Mamo-chanís apartment, where we spent the night after our wedding.† I blush as I recall what weíd been doing for the past few hours. So where is my husband? I rub the sleep from my eyes and try standing up. I don his robe and get up from the bed, still warm from our recent lovemaking.† My cheeks heat up because of this thought, as I notice the open door leading to the balcony.† He is standing there, staring at the stars, the moonlight playing on his finely chiseled features.† Ugh, thatís it… no more cheesy romance novels for me.† Minako really is a bad influence.

His face looks sad. I wonder what he could be thinking about… Could it be that he regrets that we got married?† No, that canít be possible. He loves me.† I know he does; why else would he fight for me, risking his life for mine?† Carefully I tiptoe beside him and proceed to hug him.† Holding on for dear life, sharing with him my presence, my love, my very being.† Letting him know that whatever it is thatís troubling him, we would share it and solve it together.

(Mamoru Chiba)

I feel her presence even before she hugs me; I feel her worry as she glances at me. God, Iím so lucky to have her, and how do I show it?† By worrying her half to death.

I stroke her golden locks and kiss her forehead, hugging right back for all Iím worth.† Feeling her body, her very being, close to mine.† Smelling her scent, feeling her warmth.† Itís as if Iím living in a dream, but sheís real, very real, and I know that this isnít a dream.† I look into her azure orbs and whisper softly that I love her.† And she smiles at me, a smile more breathtaking than any miracle or any spectacle of nature.† And I know. Right then and there, I realize that whateverís going to happen, nothing will come between us.


The end.

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