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A Ranma ½ Songfic
by Jiro Maeda

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video. The song Hikari no Naka e (Into the Light) is from the soundtrack of Vision of Escaflowne, and was sung by Maya Sakamoto. The lyrics were written by Yuuho Iwasato, and the music was composed and arranged by Yoko Kanno.

nigiri shimeta te wo hodoita nara
tabun kore de subete ga ima owatte shimau

shiritakatta koto kizutsuku koto
sae mo nanihitotsu yarinokoshita mama de

If I let go of your hand clasped in mine,
with that, it would all probably come to an end right now

What I wanted to know, and even what hurts me
even those were left undone

"What do you mean it's over?" she asked me, as tears threatened to fall from her eyes. I couldn't respond. I turned around to leave, but she held fast to my arm, hugging it to her.

"I don't understand. Why are you leaving me?" she asked, her voice trembling.

I shook my head and asked her, "Why are you forcing yourself to do this? It's not working out. We're only going to hurt each other if we keep this up." I pulled free from her grip and ran toward the door and leaned against it. Only then, away from her presence, did I let the tears that I'd been holding back fall.

anata ga deau shiawase wo
negaitai hazu na no ni
dekinai mijuku na jibun ni
fuite mo namida ga deru

Even though I should want to wish
for you to find happiness,
I can't, I'm too immature
I wipe the tears, but they still keep flowing

I'd seen her with him. I'd seen her smile for him like she never did for me. I wanted her to be happy, even if it meant being with him. But damn, it still hurt so much. I had to get away from there, away from her.

anata wo dare yori
sora yori mo fukaku

I love you
more than anyone else
Even more deeply than the sky

I opened my closet and took out my backpack, already filled with my stuff. I'd decided on this course even before that day. My heart was breaking, but I loved her too much to remain there. I heard her pounding on the door, begging me to come out.

mata aou ne
demo aenai koto
watashi dake shitte-iru no

Don't cry
We'll meet again, right?
But not being able to see you
is something that only I know about

I opened the door and she rushed into my arms, begging me to stay. I caressed her soft hair as I whispered, "Don't cry, not for me…" I almost broke, but I had to let her go, for her sake, for her happiness.

konna unmei wo eranda koto
itsuka anata ni mo hontou no imi ga wakaru wa

futari tsukutta kioku no takara
zutto kokoro no kakure ya de ikite'ku yo

This fate that we've chosen
someday you too will understand its true meaning

The treasure of memories that we've made
will always live on deep inside my heart

I tried to smile as I gave an empty promise, telling her I'd be back someday. But she just buried her head deeper into my shirt, her falling tears soaking the fabric, but not enough to trigger the curse.

kireigoto da to omotte'ta
kibou to iu kotoba wo
kurushii kurai dakishimete
anata wo miagete-iru

I thought it was a beautiful thing
the word called hope
In an almost painful embrace
I'm looking up at you

"I can't let you do this… I still love you, don't leave me, not like this…" she murmured, her words muffled by my shirt. Her grip tightened around me, holding me close to her. My will wavered… It hurt so much, and I still loved her. My feelings for her were higher than the sky, stronger than dreams. I loved her more than anyone else, even more than I used to feel for Akane.

anata wo dare yori
yume yori mo tsuyoku

Thank you
I love you
more than anyone else
Even more strongly than dreams

I held her, rocking her sobbing frame, kissing the top of her head. I wanted to let her know that even if I left, even if she loved someone else, I'd still love her. But I couldn't speak; I couldn't even utter a single word, so I just stood there holding her, giving her comfort. She still had feelings for me, but I know she'd be happier.

dakedo hitokoto mo

Hold me
Don't let go
But don't utter
even a single thing

I cupped her chin and made her lift her tear-streaked face. "I love you. Even if we are apart, I'll still love you. Thank you for loving me, Akari." For the last time, I brought myself closer and kissed her lips. "Please be happy." I turned around to leave, but she held on, hugging my back.

tooku hanaretete mo
anata to ikite yukeru

Don't cry
I love you
Even though we're separated far apart
I can still live with you

"I can't…" she sobbed, "…not without you, Ryouga-sama." She hugged me tighter, as if intending to anchor me to the house using her body.

"I don't deserve you, Akari. You're more than what I ought to have, and every bit of happiness you've given me is a stolen blessing," I whispered as I removed her hands from around me.

"No! You're my happiness, my love. I can't live without you, Ryouga-sama!" she wailed as she hugged me even tighter.

She was stubborn, but I had to do this for her happiness and the life she deserved. "I saw you yesterday with that man. I saw you smiling at him. I know you love him."

She smiled then, an unexpected smile. "Baka," she whispered, and then she began to laugh.

I was confused; I expected shock, dissembling… anything but laughter.

"Ryouga-sama, that was my gynecologist. I visited him to make sure. I'm pregnant, dear… so please don't leave me. Don't leave us… okay?"

I was shocked, to say the least. So shocked that I fainted right there and then.


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